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Moray East offshore Windfarm. 

The 950MW Moray East Offshore Windfarm is being developed in the Outer Moray Firth, 22km off the coast of Scotland. It is the first of the two windfarms planned to be developed in the Moray Firth zone and was approved for expansion up to 1,116 MW in 2016.


Alucor recently completed the construction of sea-fastening structures farm, the scope of the project included the manufacture and installation of the lower and the intermediate grillage in the sea fastening structures. Three vessels transported the jacket foundations to Scotland across a period of 4 months. The project utilized specialized materials that required shipment from abroad which led to challenges due to the outbreak of the corona virus. Despite these difficulties, Alucor managed to complete the fabrication and delivery ahead of time while maintaining high standards of quality.


The wind farm is estimated to support 40% of Scotland’s electricity requirements and has the capacity of powering up to 950,000 households in the UK, saving 1.7 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

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