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Over three

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industry expertise.


Renewable energy is an increasingly central part of every nation’s long-term development plans, so building these assets right is a top priority. By collaborating with engineering companies specialized in the innovative design of offshore and renewable infrastructure, we help customers design and build offshore structures and equipment that are sturdy and reliable enough for even the largest, most complex projects.

Offshore oil and gas industry

As the oil and gas sector evolves in the face of technology advances and rapidly changing market dynamics, Alucor brings expertise in the design and engineering, construction, manufacture and fabrication of upstream, midstream and downstream structures and equipment for onshore and offshore operations.


With capital costs and productivity top priorities in the mining and metallurgy sector, Alucor brings decades of industry experience, broad-based capabilities, and dependable delivery to help customers build robust and reliable equipment, plants and other infrastructure.


Petrochemicals play a central role in value-added economic development, making the timely rollout of new facilities a key consideration. At the same time, new process advancements and changing market requirements, as well as volatility in the price of oil and gas feedstock, put a premium on an agile and experienced EPC partner.

The power and water sector has never been more dynamic, with both renewable energy and conventional power plants playing essential roles in the global energy transformation. Meanwhile, improvements in water processing and production technologies offer utilities and developers new efficiencies and expanded sustainability options.



The strength and quality of a company or nation’s infrastructure is essential to its ability to thrive in the modern world. From bridges and ship-to-shore cranes to office towers and manufacturing plants, infrastructure forms the bedrock of progress.


Ninety percent of global trade passes through the world’s ports, making high-performing and reliable port and marine infrastructure critical – not only to port operators, but also to governments, businesses and national economic development. We bring expertise in building some of the largest port assets in the world, as well as other vital port and marine infrastructure.



ALUCOR provides customized process plant purchase and sale services which enable customers with existing inactive plants to effectively reduce or eliminate the cost and human resources allocated to consolidate or rationalize their production sites and product portfolios.