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Our Services

Alucor offers a wide range of services that satisfies our customer requirements through all stages of their project. We deploy the latest technologies and incorporate our unique modular construction facility available to ensure timely delivery and the highest quality.  

At ALUCOR, we offer a range of integrated engineering and procurement services that leverage our broad expertise across sectors, our access to strategic engineering partnerships, and the latest engineering software.


Our in-house construction teams across civil, mechanical, and electrical disciplines take an innovative approach to projects, from the design, engineering and procurement phases to implementation, commissioning and handover.  

At the heart of our fabrication and manufacturing offering is a unique offsite modularization approach that reduces construction costs, optimizes schedules and improves quality. We support this work with 3D marking, scanning, survey and measurement technology for high-accuracy manufacturing, and dimensional and quality control.


In addition to designing, fabricating and installing high-quality assets, we help customers maintain their infrastructure and equipment in top shape, in order to enhance performance, improve output and lower both operating and capital costs by extending asset life.


Coming at the end of large, capital-intensive projects, start-up and commissioning plays an essential role in any successful project execution. As such, Alucor pursues commissioning carefully, deliberately and in close coordination with all partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.



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