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Alucor bring specialised contracting services for power and desalination plants

Power & Water.


Alucor provides EPC contracting services for wastewater treatment plants

Efficient and sustainable. 

With water and electricity consumption growing increasingly every year, global shortages are a hurdle to be confronted. The power and water sector has never been more dynamic, with processing plants playing essential roles in the global energy transition. Alucor brings decades of experience, extensive sector understanding, and modular construction to power and water projects. These include manufacturing and installing structural steel, piping, storage tanks and equipment for leading gas and coal-fired power and desalination plants.

Power plant expertise.

The types of power plants Alucor provides products and services for include:


  • waste to energy plants

  • sludge incineration plants

  • gas-fired turbine power plants

Water and power cover test.jpg
Alucor employees providing maintenance services for power and desalination plants

Water plant expertise.

Improvements in water processing and production technologies offer developers new efficiencies and expanded sustainability options. Alucor is an industry leader in providing EPC and maintenance services for projects in the water sector. We provide complete project lifecycle solutions for:


  • water desalination projects

  • wastewater treatment projects

  • zero liquid discharge projects

Turnkey power and water projects.

Major projects include turnkey works and equipment for:


  • the DEWA 40MIGD desalination project 

  • the Umm Al Quwain independent water project, one of the largest desalination projects in the world

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