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Cogeneration Power Plant and Desalination Plant in KSA

In line with our mission to support the growing demands for power and water in GCC countries such as UAE & Saudi Arabia and create a positive impact, Alucor has been recently engaged in two groundbreaking projects in the power and water sectors.

Alucor has been engaged for the construction of a cogeneration power plant and desalination plant in Saudi Arabia, which will provide 940MW power, 1,100 tons per hour of steam and 19,500 cubic meter/day of desalinated water for Saudi Aramco's pivotal Marjan development program. This project exemplifies our ability to tackle complex challenges head-on, utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to drive progress in the industry.

Alucor scope was full power plant equipment which includes

Erection of 3 no’s gas turbines, 3 no’s Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), 2 no’s steam turbines, 2 no’s Auxiliary Boilers, 2x12 Air Cooled Condensers and all Balance of Plant Equipment for the COGEN Power Plant.


On desalination site the scope was Installation of Desalination Plant equipment including Intake, RO, DMF, Post Processing, Chemical Treatment, and others.


Moreover, Alucor covered the scope of supply, manufacture, and installation of over 150,000 DI metallic and non-metallic piping for the Power Plant and Desalination plant including P91, P22, P11, CS, SS, and SDSS piping.

Commissioning assistance after installation completion.

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