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Moveyeid Gas Storage Surface Facility Project Phase 2

The SAJAA gas plant is one of the largest production facilities in Sharjah, hence an important source of revenue for the Emirate. It provides a large percentage of fuel gas for the local power stations in Sharjah and is central to the gas distribution network for Sharjah and the northern emirates.

The Moveyeid Gas Storage Surface Facility Project Phase II, one of ALUCOR’s biggest projects, involved the engineering and construction of a new gas storage facility. Alucor’s scope of work included the installation and commissioning of new high-pressure compressors, pigging stations, metering skids, flow-lines and trunk-lines of approximately seven kilometers.

Faced with a tight schedule and extreme temperatures, in addition to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, more than 350 ALUCOR employees are executed the project, maintaining the highest safety and quality standards with zero lost time incidents.

The project aims at increasing gas storage during the winter to satisfy the peak demand during the summer and improve plant efficiency. It also functions as a strategic reserve to respond to unexpected operational or market issues.

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