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Jacketed Pipe Units for the ATAR.

The Al Taweelah Alumina Refinery is currently one of the largest in the world, meeting over 40% of  the U.A.E’s alumina requirements and contributing over AED 1 billion to the UAE economy, providing full time employment to over 600 staff in operations.

Alucor executed the engineering, manufacturing and supply of 280 Jacketed Pipe Units (JPUs), they are used in the digestion process which is one of the most complex and critical processes in bauxite refining. Over 500 Alucor employees were a part of this project at its peak, amounting to over 2 million-man hours. The project was completed without a single lost time incident, making one of the biggest accomplishments in the project by far. The manufacturing of these JPUs was extremely complex and required several months of detailed engineering and planning in order to successfully execute in the required project duration. 


Alucor employed the use of multiple jigs and fixtures to optimize fabrication time and improve quality. These jigs and fixtures were designed in-house specifically for this project. Most notably, the stringent welding requirements for different components of the JPU required a high level of welding expertise as well as use of automated welding. Each weld was 100% ultrasonically tested, hydrotested, and verified by third parties hired by the client. Alucor completed the project with a weld defect rate of less than 0.9%.


Despite all the challenges posed, Alucor completed the project within a record period of 14 months, earlier than the required delivery time. To date, the successful execution of this project remains one of Alucor's most significant achievements in the metals & mining industry.

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