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NAQAA 150 MIGD RO Desalination Plant

Alucor is delighted to announce successful completion of the NAQAA Desalination Plant in UAQ - UAE, a monumental achievement in the realm of Independent Water Projects (IWP) based on Reverse Osmosis Technology. The project, boasting a staggering 150 MIGD capacity, underscores ALUCOR's unwavering commitment to excellence in construction and engineering. ALUCOR has played a pivotal role in the realization of this significant water infrastructure, contributing to both the major process and non-process buildings.

The scope of Alucor's work included pre-fabrication and erection of tanks, full mechanical equipment erection for the desalination plant, piping works, civil and building construction.

On the process side, ALUCOR's expert team has constructed vital components including the Reverse Osmosis System, Post-Treatment System, Potable Water System, Auxiliaries Utility Systems, Limestone Filters, RO-Chemical System, and the Common Pumping Station.

In parallel, they have also overseen the development of non-process facilities, such as the GIS-Substation Building, Admin Building, Storm Water System, Fire Fighting System, and Sewage Wastewater Treatment.

In addition to this impressive scope of work, ALUCOR proudly reports the completion of 4 million safe manhours, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to safety and quality throughout the project's duration.

The NAQAA Desalination Plant stands as a testament to ALUCOR's expertise in delivering complex infrastructure projects that positively impact communities and regions alike.

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