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Alucor engineers providing facility maintenance

A trusted EPC 

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Industries we serve. 

Alucor is an innovative international engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor with state-of-the-art manufacturing and fabrication capabilities and expertise in oil and gas, petrochemicals, ports and marine, power and water, mining and metallurgy, and offshore and renewables.

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Renewable jackets loaded onto a barge

By collaborating with engineering companies specialized in the innovative design of offshore and renewable infrastructure, Alucor helps customers design and build complex, sturdy and reliable projects.

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The mining and metals industry landscape

From complex bauxite to alumina refineries to durable, high -performance mining equipment, we have decades of industry expertise in the mining and metallurgy sector, keeping in mind the industry’s top priorities – capital costs and productivity.

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petrochemical refinery

As an EPC contractor, we work with developers to deliver projects incorporating the latest and most efficient engineering design and cost efficiencies, all while delivering against accelerated timelines through the use of engineering expertise and modular construction.

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Alucor employees providing maintenance services for power and desalination plants

Alucor brings decades of experience and extensive sector understanding to our work, manufacturing and installing structural steel, piping, and equipment for several projects aimed at sustainable development around the globe.

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Marine port

We bring expertise with our world-class design, engineering and construction teams to provide supply, fabrication and installation solutions for port infrastructure in building some of the largest port assets in the world.

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Refinery with an Alucor engineer onsite

As an EPC contracting company, Alucor brings expertise in delivering large, complex and highly specified equipment to some of the world’s largest oil companies while constantly evolving with the industry in the face of technological advances.


Iconic Projects. Delivered.

With three decades of global experience, Alucor enables customers to contribute to worldwide economic growth by ensuring high-quality, and cost-efficient projects are delivered on time.

Alucor engineer delivering infrastructure construction


Complete Turnkey Solutions. 

At Alucor, we offer our customers a range of Engineering services that leverage our broad expertise across different sectors and the latest engineering software. 

Our unique modularization approach, complimented by 3D marking, scanning and other measurement technology, enables us to achieve high accuracy manufacturing and quality control.

Our procurement team has built strong, international sourcing relationships, the best pricing approach, and a reliable logistics network to enable high-quality and on-time project delivery.

Our world-class facilities also ensure all necessary equipment and personnel are available to handle the full range of maintenance projects that enable our customers to maintain their infrastructure and equipment in top shape.

Our multi-disciplinary construction teams take an innovative approach to project management, leveraging digitization that enhances our efficiency and productivity.

Integrated into Alucor’s broader EPC offering, our commissioning work verifies that all equipment, systems, and processes meet all professional and quality requirements and are ready for full operation.

ALUCOR advantage
Alucor engineers analysing engineering design documents for a construction project

Our Values

As an EPC contracting company, Alucor’s commitment to quality, safety, excellence and innovation is a critical differentiator that benefits our customers and projects.


Our commitment to our values makes us a reliable partner capable of executing your projects with the highest possible quality while constantly pursuing innovation.


Commitment to Deliver.

For over three decades, some of the region’s largest companies and global customers have turned to Alucor for its innovative, experienced and large-scale production capabilities.


Through our world-class designing teams, modular construction and temperature-controlled machining facilities, we optimize construction schedules, improve quality and reduce construction costs.

Alucor's highly skilled EPC workforce














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